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In The Spotlight

Red Valentine’s Day Outfits

By Rebecca Cringean-Paiement
Cupid, get your arrows ready - Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. Call us old school, but nothing puts a spark in this holiday like red-hued fashions. From the LRD (Little Red Dress) to accessories, there’s nothing wrong with decking yourself out in red – red is, after all, the color of love and passion. Here are some of our favorite, festive red looks to spring on your sweetheart this V-Day……
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How to Style a Trench Coat

Who knew Carmen Sandiego was such a trendsetter? Her iconic red trench coat may have once fulfilled a fashion cliché (fictional villains often don these lengthy coats; crime-solving detectives as well), but behold: the stereotypes behind the stylish trench are no longer! Today, the modern trench coat is chicer than ever, and with the right styling tips you don’t have to worry about looking too much like Inspector Gadget. Watch now as Rachel Zoe demonstrates the versatility of the trench coat and how to stand out in this fashionable piece of outerwear……
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What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

It’s wedding season (again)! A gift registry makes picking a present easy-peasy. But how do you decide on what to wear, especially when the weather is gray and gloomy? A sundress simply won’t do (brrr!). Your go-to pair of strappy summer sandals? We wish. Don’t let the lack of warm weather wither your wardrobe confidence just yet – watch Chriselle Lim as she teams up with Glamour Magazine to show us several sophisticated outfit ideas that are so perfect for attending a winter wedding, we guarantee you’ll be the best-dressed guest……
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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

By Haley Rennick
Valentine’s Day is all about red hearts and romance but it’s really a chance to celebrate everyone you love and care about – including your kiddos.
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How to Style a Vest This Winter

This winter, the sleeveless vest is a trend that we don’t see slowing down. Built to survive through all four seasons, vests can be worn year-round and come in a wide variety of styles and textures, from warm, cozy down to long, knit dusters. Here we’ve gathered our favorite picks that will surely add a trendy touch to your otherwise ordinary winter outerwear……
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Fit Fashion

By Rebecca Paiement-Cringean
Seasonal parties and endless culinary indulgences tend to add on a few holiday pounds. Thankfully, we always have bulky sweaters and stretchy leggings to disguise that pesky winter weight. Now that it’s a new year, getting back into your workout routine is only a matter of time – but don’t wait for the weather to warm up to start exercising again. How do you stay stylish when the weather is chilly and you’re trying to break a sweat, you ask? Here are our favorites for staying fit, feeling good and looking fashionable starting right now……
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